It all started on the first beautiful evening of spring (2022) – after a long Evanston winter, it was finally warm enough to enjoy a meal outside. Hurriedly, a hungry, impatient kid and his parents tried to find a restaurant in Evanston that offered outdoor dining for dinner. 

After the mom unsuccessfully “googled” and searched for local restaurants that offered this option, the family realized that most of the results that were being presented were websites and companies who didn’t actually know the Evanston area. Most of the content was not even related to Evanston or offered suggestions that were in nearby towns.

And that’s how InEvanston.com was born. After finally finding a restaurant that was open on Monday and offered outdoor seating, we decided to build a digital platform to provide hyperlocal content for people who live, love, or simply are interested in visiting Evanston.

We set the bar very high. We want InEvanston.com to be the digital hub of everything Evanston – a digital go-to source that included Evanston real estate, shopping, kids activities, dining, tourist locations, and more! 

We are a digital multi-media platform sharing hyperlocal content for both locals and tourists to enjoy.  Because we provide digital-only content, this means that we can publish information, articles, events, and job openings quickly.

We live in a digital age; thus, there is a need to present information digitally and quickly. When someone is visiting Evanston, they are not going to spend hours researching the local restaurant scene, shops, or spas. They are going to take their favorite device and start “googling” keywords such as “spas in evanston,” “restaurants in evanston,” or “shops in evanston,” and that’s where InEvanston.com brings value to the community. We are here to serve the type of content visitors are looking for. We present our information in an efficient and simple way, so that anyone can easily access and navigate the content on our platform.

Join us on our digital journey in presenting everything Evanston has to offer!


The InEvanston.com Team