Family Fun Around Evanston

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For many people, Saturday is different from the rest of the week. Some of us sleep late, and maybe we don’t even set an alarm. Some rise early with the kids, some have already gone out running, some have run to the coffee shop, and some are actually still in bed.

Back in the day, we spent lazy Saturday mornings sitting at the kitchen table doing the Chicago Tribune crossword puzzle. On most Saturdays, there was that inevitable moment when someone would ask, “What do you want to do today?” Silence. Then the inevitable reply, “What do you want to do?” Silence.

In today’s article, you will find a few answers to that question. The following suggestions for family fun span the age range can be visited solo or in a family group, and will possibly provide a new favorite for you or for someone in your group. These weekend activities promise to be unique and fun for everyone!

Little Beans Café and Big Beans Family Activity Center

Little Beans Café began in 2010 by a brother and sister duo who had a vision: a unique source of play and enjoyment for kids, as well as a comfortable place for their parents to relax and socialize.
For the children, the Café has inviting indoor areas that provide a range of activities designed to stimulate creative play and learning, as well as to provide physical and social experiences.
Little Beans Café is divided into different areas to best serve the different age groups. In the area called Little Beans, children between the ages of 0-6 will find a town that is especially made for them. There, they can walk or choose to drive an automobile, they can go shopping like their parents, visit friends for a stroll through the neighborhood, put out a fire, take care of the animals in the animal hospital, and visit a variety of pretend stores (the General Store and the Bookstore, to name a few). There are also trains and blocks and books and Legos of all sizes.
Created to delight children ages 4-12, the Big Beans Ninja Obstacle Course provides action and a special kind of fun, built to be safe but challenging and exciting.

In addition to these unique activities, Little Beans Café also has a half-court size gym for children of all ages. There is a basketball court, soccer setup, gymnastic equipment, hockey, and there, your child can practice being a ninja or an expert in karate.

While the kids explore this indoor playland, the rest of the family can relax over a cup of coffee or a delicious, healthy meal or maybe some wine and beer.

The facilities are kept clean and sanitary. The entire environment is beautifully organized and designed. When you go to the Little Beans Café and Big Beans Family Activity Center, you and your family will be welcomed by a friendly staff who will make your visit worthwhile.

Lock Chicago

In Evanston, escape rooms started to pop up in 2015. Lock Chicago was ne of the first escape rooms to open in the Evanston area.
What is an escape room? You are right if you think that it is a room from which you try to escape. The concept of the escape room was created to provide a unique experience for people who enjoy solving puzzles and finding solutions to problems. Your family and friends will be given one hour to use logic, teamwork, and creativity to make their way through the challenges of the specific escape room that they have chosen. The final goal is to meet the challenge and escape from the room.

Lock Chicago has three distinct escape rooms:

In “Malfunction”, participants solve puzzles to save the world by closing an accidental black hole.

In “Icarus”, participants save the world by rebuilding “Icarus”, a defense system that is fatally inoperable.

In “Matsuri: The Drum of Order”, participants follow clues to find the missing drum in order to save the village of Matsuri.

To participate in this activity, you will need to make a reservation in advance. When you arrive at Lock Chicago, the staff will welcome you with smiles and enthusiasm. They will explain how the game is played and they will patiently answer questions and promptly give support whenever you need it. The puzzles will be a challenge, but the staff will make sure that the experience is satisfying and fun for everyone.

Farmers’ Market

The Evanston Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday and is free to the public. You will never want to leave. It has over 50 venders, from fruit to flowers, from vegetables to crepes. You can dance to live music, watch the demonstrations of expert chefs, or browse and buy unique local art from the Home-Grown Artist showcase. The Spud Club provides free activities for children ages 2-10 and teaches them about healthy, delicious foods.

To provide a better experience for seniors and the disabled, The Market opens early from 7 to 7:30 a.m.
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Grosse Point Lighthouse

The city of Evanston is the home of the Grosse Point Lighthouse, located right on Lake Michigan. This lighthouse was built by the government in 1873 after several ships were wrecked trying to approach the Chicago shores. The lighthouse was also the first to be proclaimed a National Historic Landmark in 1999.

Today, the Lighthouse is open every day to the public. When you visit the Lighthouse, you will be greeted by a beautiful garden, filled with flowers and butterflies. You can take a tour of the Lighthouse, which will include a climb up more than 140 stairs to see a sweeping view of Lake Michigan, encompassing Wisconsin up north and the city of Chicago to your south. In the Lighthouse itself, there is an exhibit of the shipwreck of the Lady Elgin together with a video about the history of the Lighthouse.

Although the Lighthouse beach is currently closed for swimming, it is still open for picnics, sand play and provides a wonderful backdrop of the lake and sky.

For those that enjoy a lazy stroll in the garden, for the beach buffs and builders of sandcastles, and for the lovers of history, an afternoon at the Grosse Point Lighthouse will combine everyone’s interests into one spectacular visit.

In conclusion:
When Saturday rolls around, you might find that visiting one of these places will make a wonderful change in your weekend habits. The well-worn question, “What do you want to do today” will become, “I know exactly what I want to do!”